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I am looking for hunter diaries for the Eastern Cape. I am doing a project on hunting of wild dogs Can you help me?

Last Updated: Jul 12, 2013  |  6 Views

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Please search the OPAC/catalogue of the Cory Library for Historical Research.

subject search:  hunters South Africa

title and word searches: hunter diaries

These searches will lead you to hunting journals, diaries and memoires.

Also search the RUL databases  eg SA ePublications, Scopus, Ebsco

and search journals titles such as Biological Conservation  via E Journals A-Z

Possible article of relevance: Attitudes of ranchers towards African Wild Dogs Lycaon Pictus: conservation implications on private land / Lindsey et al, in Biological Conservation, Vol. 125, issue 1, 2005.

For more information on the African Wild Dog (South Africa’s most endangered carnivore and the second most endangered in Africa after the Ethiopian wolf. The current population of wild dogs in South Africa is estimated at less than 400. Often seen as a pest and threat to be eliminated, the plight of the wild dog has received scant public attention), view the following websites:

African Wid Dog Conservancy

Endangered Wildlife Trust, SA

I also recommend you contact local land owners, hunting safari businesses, and conservation projects & authorities.

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